Kesh Rakshak / केश रक्षक (Handmade)



Panchagavya soap is made from medicinal herbs, which can give you fresh and glowing skin all day long. The herbs would also prevent infections from germs and clear scars from your skin. The benefits of using Panchagavya soap would make your skin look fresh and also brightens your skin. Furthermore, the soap prevents sunburn and kills bacteria that can lead to infections on your skin. The Panchagavya soap aids in the healing of bruises, burns, and wounds and eliminates every form of scars that could arise from such injuries. Using Panchagavya soap regularly would also protect you from pollution that could adversely affect your skin. The soap is therefore a perfect soap for you if you want your skin to always look its best.

लाभ —

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Daily use during bath.

….गाँव में बना हस्त निर्मित….

Weight: 100 gm

सामग्री –

कोल्हु द्वारा निकला नारियल का तेल
अग्निहोत्र भस्म
नीम तेल
गुलाब जल
भृंगराज तेल
शुद्ध मुल्तानी मिटटी
रीठा पाउडर

बालों के लिए एकमात्र मुल्तानी मिट्टी, रीठा और आँवला से बना
मिट्टी जल और वातवरण के लिए लाभदायक

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Weight 250 g


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